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Learn a vast curriculum from some of the leading professionals in the industry


The importance of technical sound and the key elements to making a starting DJ progress into a well rounded sound designer.
Learn from: Ben Stowe, Mitch Taylor, Jeremy Brech, Dave Ternier, Alan Marshall, Michael Joseph, Michael Walter, Brian Redd, Sam Kaspszak, Aldo Ryan, and Glenn McKay


Learn lighting and how to give an event the extra spark of color and design. Learn about equipment, lighting design, and take your lighting to the next level.
Learn from: Ben Stowe, Jeremy Brech, Nick Airiess, Mike Anderson


Understand the best equipment and techniques that will allow you to stand out as a DJ. Mixing, beat matching and so much more...
Learn from: Michael Joseph, Joe Bunn, Michael Walter, Jason Jani, Brian Redd, Ed Petty, and more..

Master of Ceremonies

Build your confidence, microphone skills, body language control and how to capture a crowd. Use your voice as a professional speaker and powerful tool.
Learn from: Randy Bartlett, Jim Cerone, Rob Ferre, Mark Ferrell, Bill Hermann, Jason Jones, Glenn MacKay, Aldo Ryan, Jeremy Brech, Dave Ternier, Mike Walter


Turn your part time job or hobby into a legitimate business. Learn the structure and tasks to stabilize your DJ company and make it profitable.
Learn from: Ed Petty, Jason Spencer, Mike Walter, Matt Radicelli, Dave Hoyt, Joe Bunn, Jamie Bodie, John Young


You must make the sale before you can perform. In Sales and Marketing it is important to know the trends and selling tools to reach your potential client.
Learn from: Mitch Taylor, John Young, Jorge Lopez, Vickie Musni, Justin Miller, Jason Jani,

Why IDJNA Training?

The IDJNA isn’t just classes. It’s creating a standard and steps forward for your DJ business.
  • The IDJNA provides coursework for every, new DJs and seasoned professionals included.
  • After taking basic courses, the curriculum is tailored to each individual and their goals.
  • One-on-one and classroom style learning is available to everyone. Professionals with real world experience teach our courses, so it's not just textbook learning.
Great way to describe the IDJNA
The IDJNA exists to develop and guide mobile DJs, from beginner to advanced, who want the most out of their passion.
Participants will earn unique certifications with the completion of each curriculum President Jeremy Brechlevel. Areas of specialization include performance, running a DJ business, lighting design, & master of ceremonies, technical skills, music, sound, and so much more. The educational content that the IDJNA has assembled is provided from a wide variety of experienced leaders throughout the mobile DJ industry. By bringing the most qualified instructors together for one online DJ training program, the International Disc Jockey News Academy is the industry’s go-to source for mobile DJ education. The IDJNA would not be possible without the people who keep it in order. We have vision and a mission statement with the best interest for the DJ industry. This is the ground work on what the Board of Directors felt was important in creating a standard for the Mobile DJ industry. Learn more about the brain behind the IDJNA, our Board of Directors, here. Furthermore, our courses would not be the same without our professional instructors and industry workshop leaders.


Check out our three different options to educate.

Classroom Trainings

$45-100/ session
  • Interactive learning
  • Max 50 students online training
  • Wide variety of topics

1 on 1 Training

$75-400/ session
  • Just you and the instructor(s)
  • Interactive Q and A
  • Most in-depth learning