What can you expect from the IDJNA?

The purpose of the International Disc Jockey News Academy is to develop and guide mobile DJs — from beginner to advanced —who want the most out of their passion.

• Through a carefully developed education curriculum, participants will be led through multiple levels of educational content.

• A quiz and review format will prove the ability of the participants and move them through the different levels of certification.

• Participants will earn unique levels of designation with the completion of each curriculum level. Areas of specialization, such as school events, running your DJ business, lighting design, master of ceremonies and more will also be made available in the future.

• The educational content that the IDJNA has assembled is provided from a wide variety of qualified leaders throughout the mobile DJ industry.

• By bringing the most experienced trainers directly into your office, the International Disc Jockey News Academy is your go to source for mobile DJ education.